Encouraging our fellows


Hiburim 20-80 – Matanel Perach Zahav


  • נעם זיתוני ושי רצון הרצליה

  • עדי וציפי שנף. הרצליה. מפגש

  • עומר ופרץ סלע הרצליה

  • ניב וסוהם



There are 1.2 million senior citizens in Israel, 40% of whom report suffering from loneliness. loneliness is considered just as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and found to be more dangerous than obesity and is liable to cause depression and Alzheimer’s.

20-80 Creates new technological tools to facilitate meaningful connections between young and old, alleviating feelings of loneliness while enhancing social strength and resilience.


A call Centre for any specific Assistance needed: When senior citizens need specific assistance with something, we’re able to match them with volunteers throughout the country who can help. Once a volunteer has completed his or her registration (a 2-minute process), we use location-based technology to match them with someone in need. The volunteer receives a notification with the request details and if available, they can accept the request. On average, our volunteers reach the needy citizen’s home within 12 hours of the request first being made. Not only do they get to do a good deed, but they also make a personal connection with someone who is otherwise facing loneliness.

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