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Heznek for Technology – Short-Term Technology Training Program




Heznek L’Atid plays a central role in Israel’s vocational-technological education revolution and in developing employment prospects for underprivileged young people from Israel’s socio-economic periphery. Heznek’s life-changing programs prevent dropout and unemployment and provide disadvantaged young adults with targeted training and entry into career development paths with great earning potential, in industries that urgently need them — leading participants towards socio-economic mobility and prosperous futures.


Courses offered in the framework of this program at participating colleges include:
– Heating and cooling system installation and service
– Quality Assurance Management
– Security Technicians
The program will provide personalized solutions for each and every participant according their needs including:
– Certification studies at a recognized institute
– Ongoing accompaniment of participants
– Instructional reinforcement and tutoring
– Business skills development and mentoring
– Personal development & employment preparation workshops
– Developing digital skills
– Connection to industry and potential employers
– Guidance and ongoing accompaniment in job placement

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