Encouraging progress


Heznek for Practical Engineers




Heznek L’Atid’s vision is to fulfill the dreams of underprivileged Israeli youth and young adults and remove them from the perpetual cycle of poverty. Heznek L’Atid literally means, “sprint to the future,” and it serves as our organization’s name and motto. Founded in 2000, Heznek L’Atid operates supplemental educational and vocational programs that aim to reduce social gaps and increase social mobility through education.


Heznek for Practical Engineers is an innovative program to steer underprivileged young adults towards advanced technology studies for a practical engineering diploma in highly demanded vocations. The program is designed to reduce social gaps in Israel, allowing its graduates to find high-quality employment and become productive citizens.

In recent years the demand for practical engineers has been growing. A survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics indicates a shortfall of 2,500-3,500 in all fields of specialization.  In 2008, the State Comptroller determined that there is a 60% dropout rate of practical engineering students.

The unique program includes: tutoring, self-empowerment activities and a projector to facilitate all aspects and assists with daily challenges. The program is catering to the abovementioned challenges, and has made its goal to increase the rate of certified practical engineering students from 40% of each cycle today to 80%. To do this, we present a comprehensive model that will cater to the individual young adult’s every need, from admission to placement.

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