Heritage, Marseille, France

Marseille, France

  • Heritage, Marseille, France

  • Heritage, Marseille, France

  • Heritage, Marseille, France



In the spirit of what my father – Rabbi Reuven OHANA, Chief Rabbi of Marseilles and President of the Merkaz Halimoud – is doing to promote Jewish values, I wish to offer to students of the whole Provence area, a place to meet, to know or reinforce their Jewish identity, thanks to a team of motivated rabbis and teachers.


The Heritage Center organizes activities from Sunday to Friday. The Center is 450m² big, and is composed of a conference room, 2 rooms for studying, a Beth Hamidrash including a Kodesh library, a chol library with computers, a cafeteria for students and a lounge. So, during the day, students come to the center to work, eat, relax, learn and meet other young people.

Many activities are available on site : shiourim are held at noon, the evening and Sunday mornings, and a conference each Sunday night, fitness classes, broadcasting of football matches, community shabbatot…

Other activities are also available outside the center : many trips in France or international trips, dining out, community shabbatot in Paris or Strasbourg…

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