Encouraging our fellows






Gvahim (Heights) was created to assist highly-qualified Olim from all over the world to find employment in Israel at the level of their qualifications, professional experience and career goals. This ensures that they stay in Israel and contribute maximally to the development of the Israeli economy, society and culture. In a nutshell, we see our job as to make the Israeli « brain gain » happen.


Gvahim and its partners have recognized both the potential of highly-qualified Olim and the challenges they face to integrate in the Israeli workplace, since they have:

  • No knowledge of the Israeli job market
• No professional Hebrew
• No “Israeli” presentation & interview skills
• No friends from school, the army & university
• No Israeli references

Since 2006, Gvahim has developed a successful model that targets each of these challenges. The model is based on:

• Training (workshops, lectures, group work, simulations)
• Professional and Business Hebrew Courses
• HR Consulting with Israeli experts
• Active Placement in Israeli companies (NICE, Amdocs, Bank Hapoalim, El-Al, etc.)
• Mentoring with Sabras and Olim Vatikim in leading positions in the Olim’s fields
• Networking Events connecting Olim with Israelis from specific fields

Over 450 Olim have benefited from this model, and 4,000+ more receive online assistance.


We rate the success of Gvahim’s model thanks to the following performance indicators:

• Over 80% of Gvahim participants work at high-level jobs by the end of programs (the others receive continued support)
• Over 90% of Gvahim participants live in Israel at Year 3


To cover all the needs related to the highly-qualified Olim, new programs at Gvahim include:
• A Start-up Accelerator for Olim entrepreneurs (TheHive by Gvahim)
• A Pre-Aliyah Internship Program (Gvahim Young Leaders)

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