Encouraging progress


Go-Local, Israel




To create a growing group of local young adults who have professional access to the world of high-tech and choose to make the Negev their home, becoming influential social participants where they live. This will expand the high-tech scene in Yeruham and as a result expand local work options in the field.


A 7 months long technological course that focuses on programming (360 hours). Studies are three times a week (20 hours in total). Participants are young adults from the Negev who would otherwise not be able to study computer programming. Course content includes technological training (360 hours), social activities, english lessons, vocational prep workshops and specific study support where necessary.

The program integrates between software studies, creating access to employment options (also in long distance as is customary in this field) in framework that also puts emphasis on the student group’s social aspects. During the program participants get “hands-on” experience through a programmatic connection with social initiatives/ small businesses that benefit from the student’s apprenticeship in building them a web-site.

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