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Givat Haviva International School (GHIS)


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Givat Haviva International School seeks to transform the Middle East and beyond by developing a network of global leaders who share a commitment to building a more just, peaceful future.  GHIS students live together, forming friendships across the divides and connecting communities. The school brings together equal numbers of Arabs and Jews together and provides a safe and respectful community where diversity is valued.


Education is the basis for future transformation of society.  A new generation of effective leaders for peace is needed to address the underlying causes of conflict and social division. GHIS brings together promising young people from diverse communities; optimizing their development as leaders for cross-cultural cooperation and conflict resolution through a unique approach that blends academic excellency with emotional intelligence.

Our students come from both sides of the conflict in equal numbers.  As intentionally mixed groups they volunteer in Arab and Jewish community centers, schools and NGOs. In addition, GHIS is avoiding the profile of most international schools which only offer a few scholarships. All our students receive assistance with their tuition and boarding fees, enabling the most disadvantaged to stand on equal terms with those more privileged.

As a two-year program GHIS allows for lasting encounters that have the potential to plant the seeds of genuine reconciliation in the region. GHIS is establishing a supportive network of world changers who will remain in contact, deepen friendships and work together for peace. This platform launches interconnected students into the next stages of university and professional life, providing them with ongoing access to mentoring and counselors.

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