Encouraging our fellows


Gila”d- the Garin for Arad

Arad, Israel



Gila”d – the Garin (core group) for Arad” is a community organization that works together with the town’s residents and municipal players to build social, economic and educational resilience in Arad. We believe in the inherent right of each individual to live his/her life in dignity.


Perach Zahav Matanel

This project aims to connect between younger and senior populations in Arad and to assist older Arad residents to integrate into community activities. In the framework of this project we seek to connect young adults and students with seniors. The young person accompanies the elder doing daily activities and becomes a friend, a listening ear, and is at the senior’s side during hard times, as well as the good. A relationship between the parties forms that is beneficial for both.

“O’r Le’israel”

The Russian-speaking community in Arad is cohesive and open to any Russian speaker who wishes to join and be part of a group which values social, spiritual and Zionist ideals. This community addresses the needs of the different age groups that comprise it, and increases the Israeli-Zionist aspects of members’ identities via study and experiential activities, both as individuals and as a community.

Putting Family First

This is a center that conducts and subsidizes various programs  for all ages. Its programs are conducted within the family framework and connect between children and parents. Topics address include: parenthood, couples’ relationships, childrearing, and more. The vision of this center is to promote education within the family for all residents of Arad.

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