Gesher – Building connections

Czech Republic



‘Gesher – building connections’ is project that brings together Jews from all over Czech republic and provides them excellent study opportunity and proper Jewish celebration of a Holiday. Project doesn’t aim on specific group of Jews rather wants to create lasting connections that will enhance cooperation and show that Jewish, quality and kosher communal life and events are possible and desirable……


Activities for shavuot: Orthodox minyan with all services during the Hag. Equally important activity is study experience that will advance participants of the shabbatonim. There should be Jewish professionals giving lectures, but also regular participants are to get involved and prepare their own study projects. The main focus is on ‘tikun leil Shavuot’. There has to be quality accomodation and catering so especially families with children feel welcome and comfortable.

Activities for Chanuka: Are similar to Shavuot activities but focus is more on family atmosphere and family celebration of the Hag.

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