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Generation of the Future : Children of the Access for All program that study at the Tel Aviv University for Youth


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To substantiate the familiarity with the University among the families and to open, for the young generation, gates of awareness and aspirations to higher education and success and to increase the circles of influence of the Access for All program through involvement of the children in the process change undergone by the parents.


We propose a model where children of students from Access for All, will join the university for one day on-campus studies.

The program will include 3 stages:

For students in fifth and sixth grades – we will offer a “scientific tasting” course that is composed of lectures in various fields of science, with emphasis on experiential learning.

For students in seventh and eighth grades – we will offer courses based on various clusters of topics.

For ninth and tenth grade students – continuing program for junior high school students, at an advanced stage of the program. We will offer courses that integrate academic learning skills and then integration in academic courses and accumulation of academic credit.

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