Gan Matanel – Les Petits Petons

Strasbourg, France

  • Gan Matanel – Les Petits Petons 2013-2014

  • Gan Matanel – Les Petits Petons 2013-2014



To offer Jewish parents in Strasbourg nursery care for young children in keeping with our traditional values.


Modern social and economic conditions have brought about many changes in our working lives. Consequence more and more parents face difficulties in finding care for their young children. The Strasbourg community has very few establishments for the care of young children and none of them has a canteen. Furthermore, the new hygiene regulations for child care centres forbid parents to bring their own meals, so they are obliged to choose between paying the high cost of an individual carer or placing their children in any available establishment, and sacrificing respect for kosher eating.

Thanks to financial support from various sources, and in particular from the Manatel Foundation, we have been able to establish a new structure with a kosher canteen adapted to the Jewish holiday calendar. Parents can place their children in our care, fully confident that our traditional values will be respected.

The Gan Manatel Tiny Tots Centre is located in the heart of the Jewish quarter, close to its schools and synagogues. It has been modernised and fully equipped to receive and care for children aged from 10 weeks to 3 years.

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