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FROM TRADITIONS TO THE FUTURE – Diversity and Unity of Judaism in vibrant Europe 17th European Regional Conference of the International Council of Jewish Women




May 19-21, 2024, Bratislava-Slovakia
The theme, “Diversity and unity of Judaism in vibrant Europe,” aims to achieve various objectives, including showcasing Jewish cultural heritage, addressing intolerance and anti-Semitism, educating Jewish youth, and exchanging experiences. Advocates for a just society, fights intolerance of national minorities in European countries.


Our objects are essentially: To promote friendly relations and understanding among Jewish women of all countries; to further the best and highest interests of humanity; to uphold and strengthen the bonds between Jewish communities throughout the world; to support the principles of the United Nations Bill of Human Rights; and to improve the status of women. In today’s turbulent times, our goals adapt to the current situation and specific problems in each country.
Our mission is to make the ICJW known, to establish public relations between the affiliates and the international, to be able to help if there is a problem to be solved in a country and to create new affiliates. As well it is to further justice and equity in the world by work for the humankind, care about civics education, cultural activities that present knowledge of Judaism to various environments, protects of the Jewish cultural heritage, and encourage religious worship and pluralism as a promise of tolerance and understanding between religions, cultures, and nations. All of this is volunteer work.

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