Encouraging our fellows






Established in Bangladesh as a “Social Welfare Organisation”, Friendship works with the mission to help the poorest of the poor – those below any documented poverty line – living in the most underprivileged communities, especially those who are in the most inaccessible terrains, like e.g. the people living in the “Chars” or nomadic shifting islands of Brahmaputra river.


Friendship started its work about 10 years ago with “Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital”, a floating hospital on a barge that still remains one of the organisation’s flagship projects, providing medical care to the inhabitants of the shifting islands of the Brahmaputra river. Over the years, the activities of the organisation expanded according to the needs of the population in order to (i) develop an integrated health system, (ii) incorporate elements of education and governance for children, adolescents and adults, (iii) comprise emergency aid and reconstruction measures and (iv) include sustainable economic development programmes.

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