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Football Group to Integrate Values Amongst Youth at Risk




Our goal at the Lachish Regional Council is to reach as many young boys as possible, to give them all aspects of life values, from self-acceptance through thinking before acting with correct and respectful behavior towards parents, adults, friends, etc. All this is achieved through playing football and its implications on the parameters we have set as our goals.


The football group will meet once a week, for two hours of training and talking.

Each youngster will receive full sports gear and team uniform. The team will be accompanied by a social worker specializing in youth, who will lead the team, and provide content and conversation. The tactical trainer will be responsible for teaching the professional skills of playing football and will be a role model for the young boys.

The professional trainer and team manager will work in full cooperation. Each month’s training will focus on a certain topic/value, which will be expressed both in the tactical training and in conversations held during training. In addition, conversation sessions will be held at the end of each training period. For example, if the topic for one month is decision making, we will focus tactical training on pre-planning moves, not during the game. In terms of conversation we will deal with the question of why it is important to plan ahead and how this is expressed in the boys’ daily lives, such as whether the use of violence leads a youngster to a positive position, or possibly to a negative position where he has less control over his life. Another goal is to empower each youngster in the way that suits him, and help him recognize his strengths, believe in them, and put them into practice through training and successes he will experience in the game.

In addition to team training, a team will be set up for the parents of these boys, to connect the two and enable them to receive life tools and be a source for consultation in coping with the young boys.

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