First Annual Morasha National Shabbaton

Berlin, Germany



To create an inspirational and transformative, learning, cultural and social experience for a large crowd of Jewish students in an attractive and established community with full Jewish infrastructure. To discuss, argue and be motivated to develop stronger ties and identity with the Jewish community and to buy into the vision of the Jewish future.

To see all that is good with Jewish life. Family life, top quality food, relevant and practical messages of Jewish thought.


Over the years, many local communities began running their own local projects. There are now 12 active programs in various towns and cities around Germany. The goal is to provide regular educational and social opportunities for young Jews around the country. We encourage greater in involvement in community life, initiatives on behalf of the students and any programs to increase Jewish identity and pride. The success of the program is dependent upon the local Rabbis and lay leadership to reach out to provide relevant and entertaining programs and to recruit students. Over the last two years, Morasha Germany has attempted to turn the local projects into a National movement, supporting regional events between various groups of students.

The National Shabbaton in Amsterdam was the first National project aiming to bring students from across the country for one event. It was a landmark event providing an exciting filled weekend of activity promoting all the areas of Jewish identity that Morasha promotes – understanding the depth of Jewish text, realizing the Jewish vision of ‘Tikkun Olam’ – changing the world – and understanding the Jewish view of dating, marriage and relationships. Rabbi Jamie Cowland was chosen as the guest speaker for the weekend – living in Jerusalem and with twenty years of experience in Jewish education, he founded his own Tikkun Olam organsiation ( and is dedicated to social justice. His schedule for the weekend was based fully around the values and ideals that Morasha tries to promote.

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