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Fighting Unemployment through Entrepreneurship, Yozmot Atid – Loans


    Yozmot Atid


Yozmot Atid aims to build a stable, more egalitarian society in Israel. Society that will include thousands of additional families living in financial relief, through the business empowerment of underprivileged, motivates women, and so – the establishment of thousands of successful enterprises. This change could be realized by leading thousands of independent women who will establish and develop successful small businesses and will provide their families with prosperity, stability and financial independence.


With support from the Matanel Foundation, Yozmot Atid will offer unemployed and under-employed women to launch and sustain their own business initiative, during the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The women will benefit from an extensive package of services, ranging from business counselling to business training, mentoring, subsidized loans and business networking opportunities. Participants will benefit from these services, all over Israel and free-of-charge, as well as from contents tailored specifically to cater to the emerging challenges of COVID-19 economy. Together with the Matanel Foundation, Yozmot Atid will provide the entrepreneurs subsidized small loans tools and skills to become financially independent during these difficult times.

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