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FestivALT 2024 Open Call




FestivALT will present an artistic program of art in the form of a 10-day festival. Matanel will support our open call stream of the Festival. From our Open Call, we will program 7 projects chosen by a jury of 5 prominent Jewish artists from around the world.


The Open Call is a key component of the FestivALT programming process, as it offers an accessible, inclusive and democratic process for artists to present their work to the Festival. As an organization, FestivALT shies away from top-down programming models, and attempt to promote a more inclusive approach, leveraging their successes to create opportunities for diverse voices. The Open Call, then, gives equal opportunity to artists around the world who, in most cases, are entirely unknown to the organizations. It is through this process that FestivALT has been able to create a robust and diverse network of Jewish artists while advocating for open, transparent, democratic models of operation.

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