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Bring people who have never been to the theater, make known major pieces of theater, Gather the Israeli public and the French public by translating in Hebrew with subtitles during performances, French artists to discover the beauty of Israel, and places of prestige that we offer them, the cultural bridge between the two countries, which allows these artists to be ambassadors of Israel, the importance of French culture in Israel …


« Praise be to you, mothers of all lands, praise be to you in your sister my mother … »

Once, a young comedian named Patrick Timsit read Le Livre de ma Mère (Book of my mother). He immediately knew that this text would inhabit him forever.  And vice versa.

Thirty years had passed. One day, simply, Patrick Timsit knew that he was ready – and the time had come. That he needed to transform the dream into reality, and the text into its incarnation.   Around the same time, the interpret found his stage director.

They both know it from experience: in theaters, when loneliness hits, it becomes everyone’s business. Everybody who was born from a mother, each and every one, brothers and sisters in humanity.

From the encounter between Patrick Timsit and Dominique Pitoiset, from their shared regard tinged with curiosity for one another, from their mutual admiration for Albert Cohen, a mourning song, a harrowing testimony of love was created, and presented from the only place that allows such division: the stage. Insane mourning and true love, a heartrending tribute to « Mothers from around the world ».

We want to translate this text in Hebrew to install subtitles to educate also the Israelis on this masterpiece which is on the school curriculum in all schools in France. A best seller that must Touch our Israeli audience

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