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Our mission is to alleviate poverty and increase quality of life amongst older adults in Israel by re-integrating them into the workforce.


We are focusing on Israelis over the age of 65 and the Israeli workforce. We are re-integrating unemployed older adults into the Israeli workforce and enable under-employed older adults to find better vocational opportunities.

Older adults register with the platform. Then, our placement coordinators contact them, providing them with guidance on how to proactively use the platform. The coordinator then conducts “intake,” where older adults are interviewed for a better grasp of their skills, abilities and vocational orientation. Then, an individualized work plan is formulated; such a plan may include a variety of “soft skills” workshops (like CV writing), technology trainings, etc. Following this, the older adults benefit from assistance in engaging prospective employers, preparing for interviews, and follow-up after successful placement. A job application submitted by an applicant is first reviewed by our coordinators, who decide whether it is suitable. Thus, we are able to avoid frustrations on both sides, which can have a negative impact on the process.

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