Encouraging progress


Expanding LEV 19 in Safed


חהכ משה ארבל בביקור בלב תשעשרה בצפת


To help highly qualified women from diverse professional backgrounds, who reside in Israel’s periphery, to obtain  respectable and rewarding job opportunities close to home by utilizing outsourcing business models.

To progress gender equality by providing job openings, trainings and learning experiences for women, and affording them opportunity to maximize individual and earning potential and build human capital in correspondence with market demands.


Lev 19 is a pioneering social business established by Amutat 51 in Safed to promote quality employment for women where the unemployment rate for women is 70% and where there are few employment and career building opportunities for women in finance and accounting, including for those who graduated the Safed Academic College. Lev 19 specializes in outsourced bookkeeping, payroll accounting, cash flow management, billing and debt collection, financial reporting and money management. Its client base comprises of businesses, start-ups, non-profits, financial consulting agencies and accounting firms, mostly from Israel’s metropolitan areas.

Lev 19 integrates into the mainstream labor force women who face geographic barriers to productive and rewarding jobs that fulfill employment potential and bring economic security. It makes it a priority to hire women who are unemployed or underemployed, and without previous professional experience and to provide customized on-the-job training that is contextualized to the skill demands of their new position.

LEV 19’s employees benefit from high wages, ongoing professional development and a strong community work environment that bring promise for retention and career mobility.

The grant from the Matanel Foundation will enable LEV 19 to scale up and increase social and economic impact.

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