Encouraging creativity and culture






The goal of Exilophone is to gather migrants and local communities around artistic projects in both France and abroad in order to change the image of migrants in the host country and to make them accepted by the locals for their abilities. The same goes for fostering coexistence within the migrant population itself. Art is a positive and universal medium that allows us to deconstruct stereotypes and to reduce tensions.


Exilophone activity is directed towards the organisation of events, meetings, and studios. But we want also our action on the ground to provide resources for research about exile.

  • Organisation of events and workshops.

Exilophone intends to reach its goal through concrete actions like the organisation of: Conferences , Concerts, including participation at multiple festivals, Exhibitions , Artistic workshops (dance, music, theatre, cinema etc).
Exilophone acts both independently and in partnership with other NGOs, institutions, and public authorities.
Exilophone is active in France as well as in other regions of the world with high concentrations of migrant populations through the presence of active collaborators located in France as well as different continents and European countries (Mediterranean countries of Europe and of the Middle East, Africa and Latin America). Exilophone aspires to lead actions another in additional locations.

  • Think Tank

At the same time, Exilophone intends to connect artistic activities with think tank to produce a comparative study on exile and culture. This study is likely to highlight the similarities and differences of problems of visibility and the integration of migrants as well as the healing power of the Arts.

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