European Center for Jewish Students – ECJS


  • ECJS 2013 - Berlin

  • ECJS 2013 - Berlin

  • ECJS 2013- Berlin

  • ECJS 2013 - Barcelona

  • ECJS 2013 - Amsterdam

  • NY-Bucharest-2011


  • Purim-Seville-2011

  • Summer-Budapest-2011

  • Summer-Budapest-2011-3

  • Summer-Budapest-2011-3



I believe that the key to Jewish continuity in Europe is by connecting the young Jews scattered throughout Europe. By educating, empowering and uniting them we are generating dynamic leaders who take the responsibility of the future of our people personally.


ECJS caters to the needs and interests of all Jewish students and young professionals throughout Europe, regardless of background, affiliation or practice. At ECJS events, these young adults discover, identify with and take pride our unique heritage and family that spans across the globe. The events include several annual European conventions, Israel solidarity trips, and cultural affairs.

ECJS provides educational, social and cultural activities throughout the year. Program highlights include: trips to historical Jewish sites, dynamic Shabbat meals, stimulating lectures on contemporary Jewish issues, and network opportunities for students and young professionals.

ECJS has created a virtual community spanning Europe in which all participants have formed lifelong bonds between one another. The warmth and friendship that are abundant at ECJS programs carries on long after its conclusion continuing to unify young Jews of all walks of life. Hundreds of young adults have formed meaningful relationships with Jewish partners.

ECJS participants become more active in their local Jewish communities and with Jewish life in general. This is the key to Jewish continuity in Europe.

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