Encouraging progress


Ethiopian Leadership Initiative, Aleka Matanel Fellows – Nacoej




As of the year 2020, the Ethiopian community remains underrepresented in every senior position and/or position of influence in Israel, both in the private and public sectors. We seek to create a platform designed to train talented Israelis of Ethiopian descent for future leadership roles.

We believe the Ethiopian community must have advocates with direct influence over legislation, social programs, budgets and resources, and other decisions that affect their day-to-day lives.


We act to introduce Israelis of Ethiopian descent into positions of authority and influence, in order to affect change within Israeli society, reduce racism, and serve as models for future generations. We wish to promote social leadership and appropriate representation of the Ethiopian community within the public sector, particularly educational administration.

We will Identify the participants (with college degrees or more) who have a proven record of personal and professional excellence and leadership potential. Then run a 20 session,  training program, during which the participants will study leadership theories, acquire practical tools, meet with important figures etc. Last, we aim for a 50% placement rate to key positions within educational administration within one year of completing the program.

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