Encouraging progress


Entrepreneurship Education Hub, Darca


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Darca Schools’ Entrepreneurship Education Hub aims to strengthen education in Israel’s under-served communities by establishing a supportive platform for educators to innovate new educational programs and to integrate them into their schools in Israel’s geosocial periphery. In this way, students from underprivileged backgrounds benefit from highly-enriched experiences pushing them to become successful and upstanding individuals.


There is no sustainable shortcut to expanding and cultivating excellence in Israel’s geosocial periphery. We know outstanding teachers make all the difference, and that strengthening the educational leadership is therefore the most important factor.

To this end, Darca Schools will lead a network-wide initiative inviting teachers from its forty educational institutions across all of Israel’s geosocial periphery to build new and unique educational programs in the fields of languages, sciences and civic education.

Ten exceptional projects will be selected and teachers leading them will receive extensive support in order to launch them in their schools. In addition to the financial support they will need to build and put their programs into action, teachers will receive ongoing guidance. Darca Schools’ pedagogical experts will support teachers by helping to devise the strategy behind the programs, connecting them to the external providers they will need, and accompanying them through any challenge they may encounter.

This support will allow Darca teachers to dream, create and think outside the box, producing innovative programs that enrich the educational experiences of youth in Israel’s under-served communities.

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