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Employment Opportunities for Teens and Adults with Disabilities


employment opportunities training program


With love and devotion, Ohel Sarah is dedicated to help each protégé reach his/her full potential, and supports them throughout their lives. We fully meet our protégés’ physical, emotional and social needs. We stay true to our founders’ legacy of integrity, equality and love for all, and are dedicated to helping our students lead independent, meaningful lives.


Providing our teens and our adults with pre-employment preparation and professional training in the following areas:

  • Secretarial posts (archives, phones, typing & printing)
  • Confectionary, baking and cooking
  • Hospital and Old Age Home Supportive staff
  • Sewing and Embroidery (use of sewing and needlework machines)

The participants will undergo training in frameworks which we find suitable, and will receive a formal diploma at the end of the program. The participants will, during their training, also begin a pre-internship period and an internship period with the support and supervision of our professional staff. Their process will be closely monitored by their respective staff.

Employment preparation sessions will take place in the respective schools and employment centers and eventually in the group homes or in an outside location. The sessions will include learning new concepts and skills, therapies, practice, workshops and lectures.

The staff will be involved in the implementation of the program, which will be supervised by the head counselor.

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