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EMOTIONS 50 Outstanding women scientists | 8 cities | 8 topics

Jerusalem, Genoa, Rome, Lugano, Milan, Genève, London, Lisbon

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A very innovative formula that aims to enhance the role of women in science and to reverse the stereotype of women ruled by emotions and therefore less capable of rational thought.
Today we are discovering that emotions constitute the spark that triggers deep cognitive processes. Reversing all stereotypes EMOTIONS itinerant BrainForum invites brilliant scientists from the most prestigious international universities and institutions to analyze the emotions, considering all biochemical, genetic, epigenetic, psychological and neurological aspects, underlying how emotional intelligence is important for women and men to face the challenges of the Third Millennium


From October 2021 – May 2022

Genoa Oct 31, 2021
Beauty and the brain
Rome Nov 19, 2021

Does gender affect emotions?
Lugano Dec 3, 2021

Emotions in the artificial worlds
Milan Jan 25, 2022

Emotions, cognition and behavior
Geneva Feb 11, 2022

Love and its emotional implications
London May 15, 2022

Evolving emotions: from flies to humans and beyond
Lisboa May 21, 2022

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