Encouraging progress


Elie Wiesel Academic Institute of Jewish Studies




The Institute aims to pass on the knowledge of a multi-faceted Jewish civilization that rises above prejudice, taboos, and banned ideas. The history of Judaism throughout the ages, the reality of today’s Jewish world, and the future of Jewishness are of concern to us and are at the basis of our teaching.


On our own continent, we are setting off on an entirely new adventure: the creation of the future European Jewish University, which we envision as an actual academic community on a human scale, a place for passing on Jewish knowledge in all its aspects, be it history, Bible, Talmud, psychoanalysis, Zionism, Midrash, Hebraic Law, theater, Kabbalah, Hebraic Literature, the architecture of synagogues, or Medieval theology.  We aspire to set up a new environment of scientific and human excellence, in which expert professors and researchers deliver top-quality instruction in the field they specialize in.

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