Eishet Chayil Empowering Tomorrows Rebbetzin


  • Eishet Chayil Empowering Tomorrows Rebbetzin 2013-2014

  • Eishet Chayil Empowering Tomorrows Rebbetzin 2013-2014



The success of a contemporary Rabbi depends on the engagement, enthusiasm & participation of the Rebbetzin. Few Rebbetzins, however, are prepared for the expectations that their communities place in them. The Eishet Chayil project will transform this reality by providing Rebbetzins across Germany with the requisite tools, ongoing mentoring and training and a network of peers. This will enable them to better play their crucial roles in the lives of their communities.


The program will run in three tracks:

1. An ongoing mentoring system will evaluate each participant’s needs. Participants will then be paired with an appropriate mentor, an experienced woman in a leadership role in Europe, who will offer professional advice, support and a listening ear. Participants will also be offered weekly Shiurim and classes via Skype, or in person when possible, to broaden the depth of their Jewish knowledge.

2. Conferences will be held twice annually. Professional speakers will be invited to address contemporary issues facing the participants. Workshops will provide counselling and skill-training in essential areas. The purpose of the conferences is two-fold: To provide the Rebbetzin with crucial skill, and to establish a peer network as a support system.

3. Monthly webinars will address specific topics, facilitated by a chosen peer. Participants will have the opportunity to interact, engage and to debate how to deal with important issues and challenges they face in the field.

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