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Dry Lands Demonstration and Training Center


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Tevel b’Tzedek’s Mphande Project, of which the Training Farm is a central component, aims to transform desperately poor villages into places of opportunity, capable of sustaining themselves while contributing to regional food security. We believe that our comprehensive, community-based approach can succeed where other methodologies have failed. By demonstrating this in Mphande, we hope to influence attitudes towards subsistence villages in Zambia and beyond.


Tevel has launched a holistic and comprehensive intervention which is set to transform the lives of smallholder farmers in the region of Mphande, Zambia, a community of about 5,000 people. The project aims to push local communities out of extreme poverty toward sustainable improvement in income and nutrition and from subsistence farming to small-scale commercial farming. Tevel’s model combines professional agricultural knowledge, methods, and techniques with the strengthening and creation of community institutions and a broad variety of trainings. Tevel’s program, developed together with the local village leadership, provides communities with the knowledge and the space to positively change their lives. A 10 hectares training center, registered under Tevel’s name in the Mphande area, is the focal point for the demonstration of new techniques, but Tevel’s activities and infrastructure improvements will reach the entire population and area.

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