Encouraging progress


Dror High School – Financial Assistance Scholarships

Jerusalem, Israel

  • 18-19 / Dror - boy and girl learning

  • טיול שנתי

  • טיול שנתי



Ms. Hazon-Weiss aspires to enable teachers and students to reach their full potential through action, encounter and study. She sees herself as a facilitator helping them achieve their dreams, and encouraging the school community to strive for high academic and social excellence. She plans to position the Dror High School as a unique National Religious institution of learning from an academic, social and religious standpoint.


Dror High School is a unique religious junior high and high school of its kind in Jerusalem, offering 220 boys and girls in grades 7 through 12 the opportunity to study together in an egalitarian learning environment. Dror seeks to advance values of social justice, gender equality and Jewish identity, welcoming the spectrum of religious identities in Israel among the students and the faculty. Established 20 years ago, Dror is an educational alternative for parents who are interested in giving their children a pluralist religious education out of respect and commitment to the traditions of Jewish life. The school was adopted by the Society for Advancement of Education in 2006.

Many of the students at Dror High School come from very low-income families who cannot afford to pay the full tuition or the additional costs not covered by the ministry of Education. Matanel Financial Assistance Scholarships will enable students from very low-income families to benefit from the wide range of enrichment classes, activities (such as school trips) and services that are an integral part of the schooling experience.

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