Encouraging our fellows


Dor LeDor – Matanel Perach Zahav


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Our vision is to create cities without loneliness. We want to build the foundations for a community support network within major metropolitan areas, with aim of easing the severe consequences of loneliness which impacts approximately half of the elderly generation in the Western World. We are building the bridge over the gap that has emerged over time between the generations. The connections will contribute both the younger and the older participants.


The program creates a connection between young and elderly participants. The goal of the meetings is to establish personal intergenerational connections, thereby alleviating the social isolation and alienation which characterize urban Western society. The program is based on the premise that there are young people who are interested in learning about their past and connecting to their roots, and that through these relationships, they will learn to appreciate the older generation who helped to build the society and reality in which they grew up. In addition, the program allows the elder participants to find meaning and a sense of their value and importance to their young partners, and gives them an opportunity to be more active and engaged.

We are also connecting between the need of these elderly people who require specific and often immediate assistance to the desire of hundreds of thousands of youngsters to volunteer “on the way”, in a time and setting suitable for them. The initiative is improving the accessibility of the elderly population to basic physical and social services, and it significantly reduces their sence of helplessness in every city it is active.

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