Encouraging progress


Desert Stars, Negev


Desert Stars receive Presidents Award


A groundbreaking Bedouin leadership that unites the Negev and strengthens Israeli society.


A quarter of a million Bedouin live in the Negev. With 63% of all Negev Bedouin under the age of 17, the community is growing rapidly and by 2030, they will constitute half of the Negev population.

The majority of Negev Bedouin live in poverty, leaving many young Bedouin without access to a good education or quality employment.

Today, tribal systems dictate Bedouin community life. Neighborhoods and schools are segregated by

tribe, and tribal leaders control administrative appointments, the distribution of resources, and children’s

education. As a result, there is no unified leadership able to advance the entire community and lead them through the process of change.

Since 2013, we have developed award-winning leadership and educational programs that nurture a new generation of engaged Negev leaders:

  • Desert Stars Leadership High School (ages 14-18)
  • ‘Rawafed’ Extracurricular Center – complementing the formal high school education
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator – gap year program (ages 18 -19)
  • ‘Raidat’ Women’s Empowerment Program – gap year program for young lady leaders (ages 18-19)
  • Desert Stars Alumni Program – represents the realization of our mission for a new generation of young Bedouin leadership. In the Alumni network, graduates of our youth programs innovate together to benefit their community and society.   With the support of their peers and our staff, alumni initiate community projects, navigate the demands of higher education and the Israeli workforce, and assume influential leadership positions.

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