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Derech Ruach for Elementary School Students


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Founded in August 2011, “Derech Ruach” is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the study of the humanities in Israel, and to integrating them in educational, social, economic and political spheres. We are convinced that without such integration, the intellectual, cultural and moral quality of these spheres suffers.


Our Primary School Program will focus on a broad general education that includes cultural and historical knowledge, exposure to art, the development of reading and writing abilities, and abilities to analyze, discuss and present a reasoned idea in writing and verbally, as well as the ability to critically reason and tell the difference between fact and opinion and the ability to ask uncommon questions that take a fresh look at society.

The target population is Israel’s socio-economic periphery. Our goals are to (1) develop the students’ reading and writing skills (2) their cultural and historical references and associations (3) ability to research and ask questions (4) rhetorical and presentation capabilities.

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