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DebConf15, the Debian Developer Conference



The Debian Project considers the development of Free Software as a community effort, with transparency and universal participation as one of the best ways to improve IT solutions for various current needs, always having its users as a primary concern. This has been captured in two official documents which are the “Debian Social Contract” and “The Debian Free Software Guidelines” (DFSG).


The Debian Project is an association of individuals from all over the world who have the common cause to create an operating system with the best quality and as many programs as possible. The Debian Project develops a full operating system as Free Software under principles of community and collaboration, always considering the needs of its users as the most important issue.

The project strives to provide the best technical solutions, inspired by the GNU Project, and implementing the best performance with the Linux, BSD and Hurd kernels to meet the technology needs of businesses, institutions and individuals all over the globe. To help make this possible, the Debian Project developers and users organise a conference called DebConf, which takes place every year in a different part of the world, enabling several days of concerted work effort and direct live interaction within teams to improve the Debian GNU/Linux operating system and the other variants with different kernels. The fact that Debian is available for 13 different architectures, has lead to the title “The universal operating system”.

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