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Cracking the Glass Ceiling, Israel


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Our vision is of a society that has leveled the playing field so that girls and women from social and geographic peripheries – who suffer from double exclusion – will have a genuine and equal opportunity to achieve educational and economic success in STEM-related fields.


“Cracking the Glass Ceiling” is a unique program designed to promote STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – education for underprivileged girls.

Both in education and in the professional world, STEM fields remain dominated by men, excluding many talented women from the personal development and economic development opportunities offered by today’s thriving STEM-based industries. This is especially true for girls and women from socio-geographic peripheries, who often belong to traditional communities characterized by a patriarchal bent.

Since a career in a STEM field requires STEM education, the program’s focus is on school-age girls; its goal is empowerment and provision of tools, support and encouragement to choose and succeed in STEM studies. An emphasis is put on mathematics. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of girls who achieve a quality, STEM-enhanced matriculation (bagrut) – a prerequisite to quality higher education and career options in STEM fields.

The program’s impact has been validated through external evaluation research studies that showed a significant improvement in the girls’ math grades, selection of high-level math studies and science studies, and advanced math matriculation rates. In the school year 2016-2017, the program was implemented in 27 schools, for 1,700 participants.

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