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Help the Helpers. Because to stop poverty, it is not enough to grant material support but to teach the persons in need to become autonomous. Sustainable development is about dialog and exchange between donors and beneficiaries who should be actively involved in the project and made co-responsible of its success with dignity, respect and mutual enrichment.


Long term social rehabilitation of 1000 street children (home, food and education) of OSEPER, founded by Father Guido Matarrese; purchase of engine for the agriculture project at the Batéké Plateau (30 ha), the training of 80 young people. Agriculture is now profitable -Oseper covers its functioning costs- and fights against rural exodus, creates jobs and allows food self-sufficiency and dignity.
Printing of Gigi Grasso book of photography to build the Green Mango centre; subscription of Green Mango fund so beekeepers could lease production tools.

Katanga hive’s visit,
Plateau des Batéké (training in agriculture of ex-young street people),
Building of Green Mango centre (Lubumbashi, Tshamalélé village)
Ecole primaire centre agricole
Home centre for ex-street girls

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