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  • Continuum au Salon de la revue Paris 2018

  • Claude Vigee au Salon de la revue a Paris

  • Salon de la revue a Paris



Continuum is an Israeli literary journal published in Tel Aviv representing French language Israeli writers. It aims at serving as an important link between the Israeli writers that express themselves in the French language, the French writers living in France or in French speaking countries and the Israeli Hebrew language writers. This is achieved through publishing translations of texts


The literary journal Continuum is being published yearly by the Association des Ecrivains israéliens de langue française since 2002. Each issue contains a chapter dedicated to a French language writer living in Israel or abroad (Claude Vigée, André Chouraqui, Esther Orner, Ami Bouganim, Esther Tellerman, Shmuel T. Meyer etc.) and a chapter celebrating an important event of the year (The state of Israel’s 60th birthday, Tel Aviv Centenary etc.). The present issue (Continuum 13/2016) is celebrating the centenary of the Dadaist artistic movement by analyzing this movement from today’s perspective; texts dealing with the history of the movement as well as prose, collages and poems by contemporary writers expressing the new spirit of Dada.

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