Encouraging progress


Consultant for Jewish Education for the Warsaw Jewish School




We need to deepen and expand the Jewish neshama, soul, of our Jewish school by empowering and engaging our teachers ( both of Jewish and secular subject) to infuse our curriculum and daily school life with meaningful and inspiring Jewish values. By engaging the teachers the goal is to motivate and inspire our youngest generation of Jews to be committed and knowledgeable Jews


Shmuel Afek, an outstanding Jewish educator of more than 3 decades, will work on a regular basis with our director of the Lauder Morasha School as well as-2 of the Judaica teachers in order to define what needs to be done to achieve the goal described above. These consultations will clarify what are the essential Jewish values that need to be inculcated into our curriculum and thereby into the lives of our students. These consultations will lead to bimonthly workshops for the teachers in order to actualize. We are responsible educating and nurturing the next generation of Jews of Poland. Shmuel Afek will guide us in refining the goals and messages that need to be passed on .
Successful implementation of curriculum depends on preparing teachers to introduce the school’s ideas into the classroom, through lesson plans and exposure to best practices.

This will lead to on -line bimonthly workshops with the teachers to bring to life the goals and methods developed. There will also be two in person 3 days workshops which will engage and focus our teachers on how on a daily basis we can incorporate Jewish values and concepts for all ages of our students

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