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Children at Risk




To meet the developmental needs of children diagnosed with autistic-spectrum disorders and their families, and to encourage the children’s progress and self fulfillment by establishing and operating therapeutic kindergartens nationwide that provide intensive and multi-professional early intervention – educational and paramedical.


At present, the Association operates 102 therapeutic kindergartens from Ramat Hagolan in the North to Eilat in the South, serving over 900 autistic children aged 1 to 8 and their families. We have proved, through our therapeutic kindergartens, that our early intervention enables autistic children to make great strides. They can eventually read, write, talk, and above all – communicate with their surroundings. Today, dozens of the kindergarten graduates are integrated in regular educational frameworks. We believe that every child has the right to be saved. Our intervention model relieves these children from a life of solitude, as well as their families. Therapeutic kindergartens for autistic children – a chance for life. This is our motto.

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