Encouraging progress


Charedi Science Center




The Technoda “Charedi Science center” aims to create a new generation of Charedim that is knowledged   in science and technology. We believe that Science and Technology skills among all types of population in the Israeli society will ensure contributing citizens who are integrated in everyday life and will strengthen the future of Israel.


Established in 1986, Technoda is the only science and technology center of its kind in Israel. The Technoda attracts over 250,000 visits annually from every background, ethnic group, religion and lifestyle in the country and serves as a regional center for gifted children. The children enjoy hands on activities starting from a unique learning experience for kindergartens using a specially developed science through fairytales method to trigger the child’s curiosity.

The Charedi Science Center will offer Science and Technology activities for Ultra-Orthodox school students from across the country. The students will arrive to the Technoda laboratories, medical simulation unit, observatory, museum and Science Park, to study science and technology in experimental experiential way. The use of advanced equipment and high-level learning programs will enable significant advancement for the ultra-Orthodox children and hopefully will influence the whole education system.

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