Encouraging progress


Chabad of Argentina




Targeted to young Jewish adults, ages 18-30, with no commitment to the Jewish community. The objective is to introduce them  to the Jewish way of  life on a personal level. Combining content, social life in a healthy Jewish atmosphere is the attraction and the right combination. The impacting trip is a great incentive and helps recruit myriads of new participants who have very little jewish backround. They get involved in the program and study for a minimum of a year.


The students participate in a year long program of learning and social-cultural activities. It includes a weekly 6 hours of learning with  Shabat and holiday celebrations and other social activities.
A total of 1.200 students take part of the program, in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, as well as in cities of the Provence.
The year program concludes with a group trip to the US or Eastern Europe or Israel.

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