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CER Young Rabbis Program project -“Enterprise Competition” – The best practice & development Matanel award


    דף ראשון בסקין


The current challenges facing community Rabbis on a global level, and especially in Europe, are enormous.
These unique challenges require the appropriate and relevant tools for today’s day and age.
We feel that it is of paramount importance to equip our community Rabbis with vital skills in order for them to transmit true and authentic Torah values, whilst simultaneously engaging and connecting the youth to their cultural heritage.
The aim of this program is twofold. Firstly, to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the appropriate tools in order to ensure their successful work. Secondly, to
provide them with the important opportunity of networking and liaising with senior Rabbis who have already accumulated successful experience in community leadership.


The program will focus on empowerment, personal growth and skills development to support the ability to act and impact from a strong vantage point to
make a positive difference in their communities.
Within the young rabbis program we offer a several projects, through the diverse experiences and learning system we bring them familiar and closer into daily life of the communities.
This Competition according to which the young rabbis and the mentor rabbis will work together to implement various programs to promote closeness to the
As part of the mentors program of the CER and in order to meet the vision of the program we decided to create a community venture competition according to
which the young rabbis and the rabbi mentor will work together to implement various programs to promote community closeness.
36 young Rabbis from across Europe are part of this unique program, giving 6 Hours every week in the program including training, shiurim and personal
coaching by our Mentors.

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