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“Rashi of Troyes” documentary




“Rashi of Troyes” documentary project consists in introducing Rashi’s work to as many people as possible in a popular version, neither austere nor trivial.


The Rashi House is the organization that is in charge or at the origin of this project.

The aim is to create a work of popularization of very high quality. While documentaries for the general public, accessible to several million viewers, exist for great personalities who left their mark on history (Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad…), none have been to date made on the greatest commentator of the Bible and the Talmud: Rashi. The Biopic Rashi, in the standard format of 52 minutes with very high quality images respecting the most demanding projection standards, is entrusted to the production company “Les Films de l’Espoir” and to the director Steve Suissa. The script is under development. The images will mainly be shot in Troyes, in the Rashi house, and multiple speakers will express their opinion on Rashi.

This Documentary produced with English subtitles in order to offer it in major short film festivals, in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel… as well as to French channels or major VOD platforms.

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