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Castor Summer Camp – Hameirim


Castor Summer Camp 2023_Hameirim


Israeli youth movement whose core values are inherited from the Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Israelites de France created in 1923 by Robert Gamzon.


The movement adheres to the values of commitment and living together of the EEIF, in particular:


  • Social pluralism: welcoming all, without discrimination, mutual aid and respect for differences, mixed boys/girls
  • Religious pluralism: openness to different levels of religious practices through the principles of the “common minimum”
  • Political neutrality


Faithful to the Scout method, the movement helps young israelis form their character, build their personality and contributes to their physical, mental and spiritual development so that they are active citizens in Israeli society. Its activities are based on the scouting principles of learning and transmission from young people to young people.

Welcoming and helping the integration of olim hadachim, new immigrants, constitute a crucial point in the particularity of Hameirim.

Hameirim operates in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Raanana mainly during the year with regular activities and mini-camps for children aged 8 to 16, supervised by facilitators aged 17 to 23.

In the summer, Hameirim organizes camps for nearly 250 children coming from all parts of Israel:

– 150 young people (8 to 16 year old) for the Castor Summer Camp in Keshet Yonathan, Israel

– 70 young people (12 to 16 year old) on EEIF camps in France

– 25 young people (15 – 17 year old) in a traveling camp in Portugal and France

Every year, we make the effort to keep the cost of camps moderate when compared to the costs of kaytanot or summer camps. We therefore have a fairly significant scholarship program, so that this is not a barrier to children’s participation in our summer camps.

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