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Building the Future


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Our vision is to reestablish a reality in which European Jews are once again proud of their Jewish identity, living a Jewish life, culture and society in security and comfort, with exposure to a quality level of educated Jewry and raising a generation that is loyal to Jewish values.


Building the Future (BTF) have organized in corporation with the Rabbinical Centre of Europe(RCE) a professionals seminar for 40 young rabbis that gave them the necessary training in order to fulfill their duties in the best way. The rabbis got lectures from in management, Coaching, Psychology, Government Relations and more. In addition, the rabbis participants in a interactive online courses and continue their studies while they performance their duties.

As Jewish women leadership in Europe is very important especially with respect to activities among Jewish women in Europe we organized a seminar of 3 days for 80 women in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge and personally meet professionals as well as other women from other countries to study from their experience.

BTF have supported the activities of BASSAD organization from Brussels that produced Holidays kits for mass distribution in various languages with explanations of the nature of the festival. We invest much effort and search for the best quality products, placing a strict emphasis on the possibility of low pricing in order to make it easy for any Jew to fulfill his desires without needing to incur huge expenses.

BTF in corporation with the European Jewish Study Network have organized Shabatonim (weekends) for Jewish Families in Europe. Those Shabbatonim took place in Holland, Italy and Austria.

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