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Brussels Jewish International Film Festival 2022




Vision: After two years far from the movie theaters due to the pandemic, IMAJ is willing to offer a wide variety of Jewish-themed movies to the audience. Therefore, fictions and documentaries, about WWII, life in Israel, Jewish writers and social issues are programmed at the BJIFF 2022.


IMAJ has been initially founded as a media library and owns, as of today, the largest database in French of Jewish-themed films. It is constantly enriched with new additions and comprises more than 10.000 titles. Also, around a thousand tapes, records and DVD can be consulted on the spot. The database is accessible to Internet users.
As part of its activities, IMAJ organizes film events, such as previews, screenings with discussions and supports the production of films.
IMAJ, with the support of the Cinémathèque of the French Community has produced a DVD accompanied by a booklet, “Le cinéma de Vouzôtres”, which provides a showcase of films produced by Belgian filmmakers on Jewish life
IMAJ is also a reflection on film, an effort to feed the public with multiple and plural images of the Jewish World, in order to always fight stereotypes.
IMAJ is acting as a responsible citizen, to promote cultural diversity, and to build bridges with others. The objectives are to promote intercultural and intercommunity dialogue.
IMAJ has been recognized as a ” Centre labellisé Holocaust” by the department “Democracy or Barbarism” of the French Community of Belgium in 2010.

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