Encouraging progress


Boyar High School – Performing Arts

Jerusalem, Israel



The Mae Boyar High School is one of the most distinguished schools in Israel, and is dedicated to cultivating excellence in the scholastic performance of the students, in their social values, and in the fields of science, sports, culture, and the arts. Respect for humanity, celebrating difference, and pluralism are core values that guide the Mae Boyar High School as a learning community.


On average, 90% of Boyar pupils graduate high school with full matriculation certificates, while the national matriculation average for the State of Israel remains around 50%. Most Boyar students complete two high-school majors, despite the fact that the Ministry of Education only requires Israeli 12th graders to complete one major in order to graduate.
Boyar offers its students a top-level academic curriculum covering the sciences, mathematics, Jewish and world philosophy, English, Hebrew, Arabic, psychology, economics, and law (in an arrangement with the Hebrew University.) In parallel the students receive expert instruction in music, cinema, and the performing arts.
All Boyar students actively participate in community service, and the school was recently selected by the Ministry of Education to participate in a project for 10th graders. Participating teenagers give 60 hours each in community work, and spend an additional 30 hours learning about community intervention strategies. At the end of the three-year process, these students will receive credits “social action credits” on their matriculation certificates.
Boyar graduates go on to serve in the IDF, while many spend one additional year completing national community service. The IDF Chief of Staff recently acknowledged the disproportionately high number of Boyar graduates serving in the military in leadership positions.

Alongside a full academic curriculum the Mea Boyar High-School is the home to a world famous theatre department, with 90-100 students in 10th through 12th grades completing five-point matriculation examinations. The department has been running for the past 18 years (since 2007), noted graduates include actress, musician and performer Achinoam Nini, and radio celebrity Shimon Parnas. Our department offers theoretical and practical courses to all students, and prepares them to take Bagrut (matriculation) at the highest level.
The thriving performing arts at the school take place at the auditorium that has capacity to seat 450 guests, and is used by all students in the department for rehearsals, recitals, dialogue presentations, and for the Bagrut examinations. In addition, it is used by the school regularly as a venue for performances, and special events.

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