Encouraging progress


Biology Lab at the Science Center, Mae Boyar High School




The project’s objective is to improve the quality of science education at Boyar by converting the previous biology lab into a fully equipped, technologically advanced center, by renovating and upgrading its equipment.


Boyar’s biology lab was designed for frontal teaching, the accepted method at the time of construction and previous renovation. However, a modular approach that allows great flexibility in enabling students to sit in small groups, in a variety of constellations, has since become the preferred style of lab. The project involved renovating the lab to make it modern and modular, with mobile tables, work stations with sinks and computers, attractive and efficient storage space, display boards, an area for experiment trays and mobile experiment stations, a projector and screen, and more. This included dismantling and replacing old furniture, sinks, air conditioners, and windows, refinishing the walls, ceiling and floor with fireproof materials, and installing new lighting, electrical, and drainage systems.

The new lab is located adjacent to the chemistry lab, previous renovated with a donation from the Matanel Foundation, and shares its lovely outside study space and research garden.

It is anticipated that the number of students selecting science as a high school major will increase by 20-25% annually as a result of the new, inviting facilities, and that 85% of students will pass matriculation examinations in science with grades adequate for university admission.

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