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Between Shade and Darkness: The fate of the Jews in Luxembourg from 1940 to1945


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Our itinerary exhibition about the fate of Jews from Luxembourg from 1940 to 1945 offers a more diverse and complex approach. The weight of it lies in the broad range of topics ranging from discrimination to dehumanization to Holocaust. Victims, murderers as well as other actors are mentioned, and their fates explained to get a new and perhaps more complete understanding of these many outcomes.


Based on a former exhibition realized by the National Resistance Museum and shown in Luxembourg since 2013, this new bilingual exhibition project targets an international public.

The exhibition project focuses on the persecution of Jews living in the annexed Luxembourg between 1940 and 1945, and the wide range of possible outcomes.

Some fled, emigrated, stayed hidden, joined the resistance or stayed low assuming a false identity. Many others, however, were expelled, arrested, brought into labor camps, deported and murdered.

This exhibition recounts the tragic fates of approximately 4.000 Jews in Luxembourg, while also shedding some light on a number of key actors who saved many lives, risking their own.

Encompassing documents and photos, the exhibition offers a view into Luxembourg during World War II, it’s occupation and the dark times that befell the history of this little country of western Europe.

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