Encouraging progress


Beit Yatir, Pre-army Torah Academy, Israel




The vision of Rabbi Moshe in the establishment of the academy was that there is a true need in Israeli society for true connection between the edges of the youth in Israel from all the socioeconomic layers and this as when they will come to serve in the IDF they will need to cope with the biggest melting pot which there is against their will.


The Mechina believes in the integration of suitable learning content for each student, the accompanying attitude of the preparatory staff, and assistance in any subject that comes up to our graduates during their lives – even after they have attended the preparatory program.
The contents taught in the Mechina are varied and so that each student can feel comfortable and find his place. In addition, there are several rabbis and each has a different style and the student has a variety of options to choose who to connect with more.
The Mechina also combines training with military training for military service, including a week of weapons, navigation and combat fitness. In addition, students volunteer in a number of places in the area who work in agriculture and learn to give themselves to others.
Some of the students do not pay tuition due to financial problems in the family, and yet they study in the preparatory program so that the program absorbs the costs.


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